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Gearbox refurbishment is necessary to deliver the highest quality by recognizing root cause that prevents downtime of machines and any other criticalities, hence enhancing the Gearbox lifespan.
Gearbox refurbishment is needed to save cost, cheaper gear components, faster delivery of components and to maximize the service quality.

Gearbox refurbishment is mandatory to ensure high quality in delivery. Gearbox refurbishment curtails the downtime of the machine ensuring the performance of the machines at the optimum level. Other than ensuring the reduction of downtime, gearbox refurbishment also takes care of other criticalities related to the machine which enhances the life span of the machine to a great extent.
PMR is a reputed company that is known for providing services like gear refurbishment. This service ensures cost reduction, acquisition of cheaper gear components, enhancing the lifespan of the machine and most important faster and high quality in terms of delivery.
In PMR, you will get the opportunity to work with skilled engineers who have expertise in working for gear refurbishment closely. The process followed by PMR includes collection, strip and inspection, rebuilds, testing and finally warranty. The engineers working with the team PMR will undergo every process closely by coordinating with you. After completion of all the processes, PMR runs a test to ensure proper functioning.
The high expertise and extremely enriched engineering skills of the engineers at PMR allow units to get back to their original condition. Although, they are refurbished the quality control procedure followed by team PMR make the entire tool function as good as new.

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