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Water Pump Repairs-Pmr

Looking for repairing of water pumps in Ireland.Contact Us Today.Our staff have been trained to cover all electrical and mechanical issues in relation to water pumps.Specialist in Rewinds and Repairs , Pumps , Gearbox Refurbishment and Inverter Drives.

Unless your pump is able to ‘self-prime’, you will need to prime your pump before it is able to pump water. ‘Priming’ the pump simply means filling it with water. This forces air out of the pump and creates a vacuum, allowing water to move through it once the pump is powered on. Most pumps will have a primer cap, which should be filled before the pump is turned on. It is also recommended to fill the feed pipe with water as well and to keep the feed pipe above the pump at all times to ensure that no air enters the pump. If air is allowed to enter the pump, it will need to be re-primed before it is able to pump water at full capacity again. Hence primer caps play an indispensable role in water pump repairs!

Water Pump repairing-Process

Yet another part is the impeller. The impeller is essentially a fan inside of the pump that rotates and pumps the water. The fins on an impeller can wear over time, lessening the pumps ability to pump at full capacity. Allowing unfiltered water to enter the pump housing can also damage the impeller, as dirt and other debris can speed up the wear of this component. If the impeller on your pump wears down, it can be can be accessed and replaced by opening the pump housing. Compeller repairing is quite a common affair in water pump repairs.

Leaking pumps is the most common problem when it comes to water pumps repairs! All pumps contain a number of seals throughout to stop water from leaking out. Over time, these seals can wear and allow water to escape. Some of the most common seals that may need to be replaced are the seal connecting the two halves of the pump, the driveshaft seal, and the seals on the input and output locations where hoses are attached. Replacing seals is very easy. The hardest seal to replace is usually the driveshaft seal, as it requires the most disassembly to access. Refer to your user manual for specific replacement part numbers when replacing worn seals.

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